Encapsulation & Label


Created from injection molded polycarbonate
Tamper evident latches
UV resistant
Impact resistant

*VHS case on diagram
*Other cases are constructed in the same manner with size that closely match the graded media inside

Here are Rewind Grading we take pride in providing a world class case that is truly the best in the industry. Our cases are made from polycarbonate, which is virtually indescribable! Remember those polycarbonate bottles by Nalgene that were all the rage 20 yrs ago, yeah it's the same material as our cases. In fact polycarbonate is over 30-times stronger than acrylic which provides superior protection to your collectibles, including basic tips and drops to shipping that first print across the country to its new home where you know it will arrive in pristine condition. Don’t believe us? Check out our Youtube video where we ran over an encapsulation containing a VHS tape with a 5,500lb truck and it didn’t break the case or VHS tape. Now that’s a case worth bragging about!


The Rewind Grading label was designed to give the collector all the information they need at a glance. The grade is prominently displayed on the right hand side in large bold font with the seal rating below. Speaking of the seal rating we made it simple, 5-stars is something everyone can relate to whether its hotels, restaurants, movies, etc. Everyone understands that a 4 star rating is better than a 3 star rating and everyone wants that 5 star piece. No need to wrestle with confusing numeric grades that can include more than one plus sign, I never received an A++ on my report card as a kid… If you crave that extra info missing on some other labels we have that covered as well. We list numbers and facts for your favorite movie or album on the back along with any conditional issues that impacted the grade.